Comedy Review #513

It's comedy... but not as we know it...

Delenn tells Sherry she wants some documents - but she's pursuing the nightlife - sick of Sherry, no doubt.

She meets up with some schmuck who gets lippy - she breaks his finger.

Now if this is her idea of a good time I don't want to see her in a bad mood - then again, I already have - she created a big pillar of light and destroyed a city - in fact, I think i'd rather have my fingers broken - actually, I think they already are - oww!!

It's revenge of the mummy - bill mumy... aka lenor aka 'the reindeer'.

Lenor's going on an undercover mission - reaches the parts other cleaner-uppers cannot reach.

Wow!! charracter (Lennier) actually tells dellen what happened to him during day of the dead. Wow.

Vir's gone shopping - shopping... - shopping (it's easy when you've got all the information)

corn-o - Londo sttarts to tell vir what he's promoted to when he finds a bug - oopa daisy.

Bug squished - humor out of the way.

Oh bolla - he's becoming emperor - Vir's ambassador - hip hoo-ray.

What's the point in wash 'n' go without the go? no conditioner? wossa poin...

What the heck's a spani-amero-mexican guy doing running a minbari ship?

Why is lennier being treated like a dog? just like lyta - wasted talent.

Prosthetic eye - yippo.

The drazi ambastar puts his foot in it by pointing the finger at the, erm, centauri for example, just perhaps.

Londo kicks butt - he mentions the listtening device and insults drazi wife.

"Hey green head - your wife looks like a mouldy pizza - hey, and you planted a bug in my bag of sprouts - and by the way, you look like a sprout yourself..."

Rankin would be proud.

G'kar puts his prosthetic to good use, he just gets the right colour this time - G'kar now has two eyes, I think.

Garibaldi says the stain is the best part of the book - I say the book is the best part of the stain.

With a pop his eye goes in - now all he has to do is get rid of those bright-red contact lenses and everything should be a-okay.

Humour abounds as Lennier and some bloke quietly discuss the fact that - they're going to die pretty soon. they gone die buddy!

Lennier plays it cool - but the cockney bloke panics - just think, instead of 1 hour of air, we can meditate like crazy and get some ... 2 hours of air - wow I ought to try that some time - might get me through the next episode.

Next, G'kar gives a lecture to some students -- little does he realise that he entered a student comedy club by mistake, and they're really just laughing at him.

The truth is a river - god is the mouth of the river - then what's the mouth of god?

Cockney bloke's panicking - oh well he's copped it.

Oh, Lennier's been put through a test - all very well, but shouldn't they be getting on with finding out what the hell's going on on the drazi homeworld? I mean, that's their mission right?

Why is Vir naggng the drazi guy who planted a bugg - it's like in a playground - whatever happened to the centauri secret servics?

Spoo for brains!! spoo for brains!! vir has a little fight - that's what a promotion gets you - arrested.

More pissing about with Lennier - when's he gonna get on with the dang mission?

Mr.loser cockney/irish bloke is gonna fail. fire at will, so he's gonna take the brunt.

O-ho, suicide bid - do I hear 30 kilometres? do I hear 20? 10? 0, sold at 0. bang, bang bang.

Lennier learned a lesson - never assume a private channel is private - well, i'm sure that lesson could be imparted without near-loss of life.

The head of covert intelligence is drunk again... so he orders a pizza - well, wouldn't you?

1998 Jeremy Smith.