"The back of the Station"

Heres a bunch of lines were thought up on IRC that could replace the "Created by JMS" on the end of B5.

"Patent pending, made in Taiwan"
"I brake for no-one"
"Long vehicle"
"If you can read this, you're flying too close"
"Lurkers Do it in Brown Sector"
"Sheridan & Delenn"
"Please wipe your feet"
"Mike was 'ere"
"Tradesmen to side entrance"
"I Luv DS9"
"Kosh's essence flew out of 'ere"
"My other station is a DS9"
"For a good time call Lu...." (Mark's suggestion-fill in the blank yourself :-))
"For a good time call that bloke in the docking bay..."
"Insert SCART lead here"
"I started a civil war, and all I got was this lousy station."
"This is not an iron."
"Honk if you've died on Z'Ha'Dum"