What happend between sesons 4 and 5

Have you ever wondered exactly what the characters are doing in the gap
between seasons? Well, between seasons four and five, this is what happened
(Exactly, no less! Exactly!)

Lyta Alexander:

In Lyta's quarters, she is preparing a meal, nothing fancy, when there is a knock on the door. She answers.
"Hello, are you Miss Lyta Alexander?"
"Yes. "
"I'm afraid you're in a little bit of trouble Miss Alexander. "
"Trouble? What kind of trouble?"
<checks notebook> "Destruction of a planet which was under a preservation order due to it's historical importance. "
"Um... Za'Ha'Dum, according to the papers. They're completely in order. Now if you could just come with us please..."


Nothing much. Being dead mainly.



Kosh 2:

See above

Mr. Morden:

This is getting rather depressing.

Sheriden & Delenn:

At least he was alive this time. Anyway, mainly as follows:

It's early in the morning, and Delenn is looking around the new quarters.
She clears out some of the junk, mainly ornaments. She hears a sound like electronics smashing as she throws a small ball into the trash compacter.
"John? John, wake up! Wake up John! Oi! Beardy! Up!"
"All right Delenn, I'm getting up... It's only seven o'clock!"
"I don't get up this early!" <lies back and snuggles under duvet>
"But John, you said you were going to cook some sp..... Never mind, have a lie in..."
"No,, you're right, I was going to cook some spoo for breakfast!" <leaps from bed and runs into kitchen. Runs back in, grabs uniform and underwear, runs back into kitchen>
Delenn falls on the floor, and bangs her head on it. Her exterior bone manages to hit it, and causes a hull breach. All her hair is pulled off.
She also now looks like she did in the Gathering.

"Delenn, spoo's ready.....


Gets fitted for new eye.


As normal.


Goes to Centauri Prime. Is informed that he is emporer. Abdicates, goes
hitchhiking through the galaxy, sets up publishing company, decides to go
reporting for company, ends up on a small planet in the unfashionable west
arm of the galaxy, leaves, eventually re-enters Centauri society, re-builds
his political career, and gets back to his previous position in time for
Easter Sunday 1998.


He's all going insane. We have only LizB to blame for that. <eg>


Garibaldi: "Hey, Doc, I need to get fitted with a new tooth to replace the
one Bester took out."

Franklin: "Sure, I've got just the thing. It's a cybernetic tooth, made by the same people who did G'kar's eye. You can leave it in a bowl of spoo overnight, and in the morning it'll be all ready-chewed. It's like a female Ferengi, only with less saliva."

Garibaldi: "Hey, sounds great. I'll take it."

Franklin: "Well, since you're not diplomatic staff, I'll have to charge you
the full 500,000 credits."

Garibaldi: "OK, put it on Lise's account, she's good for it."


Lise: "You spent 500,000 credits on a lousy tooth!?"

Garibaldi: "Hey, that's not just any tooth..."

Lise: "Sooner or later you're going to have to decide between me and your tooth."

Garibaldi: "I want the tooth!"

Lise: "You can't handle the tooth!"


Is roaming the galaxy in a formation of Omega Squadren starfuries,
hunting down his toupee which had merged with a Shadow vessel.

Hopefully he will have found it, and himself merged with it before
the start of Season 5, else there could be a problem with two
baldis ;)

Well, that's it. I hope nobody suffered too much. No alien life forms were harmed in the making of this post, but one small portion of John's spoo was accidently consumed by a passing hamster. It is recovering in Babylon 5's medical lab at the moment.

1997 Mark Dunne.