Report No. 3

Yep, I've been using the new PC again. I found yet another function - it can play audio CD's!! Such advanced technology...

Discovered how to get into the system operators account - the user name was Zathras, unlike the 'guest' user name I usually logged onto, which was Zathras. Opened up the PC (had to use an oxy-acetylene torch) and discovered that there are a group of singing crystals in it. Bizarre.

I also discovered an armband, and tried putting it on, but it was tied to the machine, so I had to take it off again. Still, maybe I just couldn't find the knot to untie because I got so tired. Yeah, that must be it. Why the bed appeared next to me, I don't know. not that I'm *complaining*...


A most wonderful thing happened brothers and sisters! The temple of the Hamster God has at last signed a treaty stating that we no longer have to attempt to destroy each other! However, we will have to wait some time until reading the exact terms as the Most Holy Hamster of Oblivion and Terror, er, ate the Hamster copy of the treay, and the Most Worshipful Cat of Heaven well, sort of tore our copy into pieces.

High Priest of the Cat Worshippers,

Newsgroup: alt.addictions.stims.recovery

>Having trouble with stims? Feel that the world is too much? Well, contact the COMPLETELY LEGAL AND OFFICIAL Franklin and Rosen Stim Clinic on Babylon 5 for treatment by two of the fields leading experts. Open day and night, all week, all year (except Chrsitmas, religious holidays, and Thursdays, when the stim deliverers arrive)

Dr S. Franklin
My opinions are not always those of the B5 command staff or of the Earth
Alliance. It's the stims talking.


Need a break from Earth?
Want to spend your holiday independant of shadowy characters?

Well, come to Babylon 5, the universe most attractive tourist destination!!
What have we got?

The wonderful Sheridan!
See the famous alien ambassadors! - Ambassador Delen, Lonto Mollaria, GeCar, and all of the non-aligned worlds! The Drowzi! The Pak'Ma'Raw! The wonderfull Sheridan, most important figure of this century! See the beautiful Epsilon 3! Get a chance to see historic locatiions! And the wonderful Sheridan!

Sooner or later, everyone comes to Babylon 5.
So why not sooner?

The OFFICIAL (really!) Babylon 5 Tourist Board.

Internal Vorlon Noticeboard

Hello, why is nobody posting? I mean, I was only on holiday for a few weeks, what could have happened in that time? I mean, did the entire race just up and go? Even the milkman hasn't come!


OK, that's number 3. I hope that everybody enjoyed it, if not, then please go and leave this planet immediately. If you did enjoy it, then you are a wonderful person, who should be given a free dish of Spoo.
Unfortunately, I have no Spoo to hand, so you'll just have to make do with the dish of Spoo that will be number four.

Hm. Now all I have to do is think of something to write...
No wait, it's not fictional, really it's not!!...

1997 Mark Dunne.