Top 10 No.1

Top 10 things Ulkesh was thinking before he got fried...

10. Turn around Lyta, c'mon now, I want to see that zip again...
9. Hmmm...In a landing bay this big, you'd think they could have stackedall these crates neatly.
8. Pants! The anti-PPG warranty on my Vorlon Encounter Suit(tm) hasexpired!
7. If I could fly AND be invisible, wouldn't THAT be cool!
6. I hope no one sees me out of my Vorlon Encounter Suit(tm), cause I'vehad a REALLY bad hair day.
5. Things to remember: Today, get Kosh's spirit; Tuesday, get some oralsex off Lyta again (hehehehe); Friday, blow up Centauri Prime.
4. I really must get my Vorlon Encounter Suit(tm) dry cleaned.
3. "You know Lyta, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for along time..". No, that doesn't sound right. "Lyta, will you marry me?"
2. Don't point that PPG at me sonny, you could take someone's eye outwith that thing!
1. Oh SH*T!

1997 Matthew Savil.