Top 10 No.3

Top Ten Things Londo could have done to Morden...
....instead of chopping his head off in "Into the Fire"

10. Trapped him in a small lift with G'Kar
9. Locked him in a small room with Sheridan (again).
8. Forced him to listen to Centauri opera for all eternity
7. Had him nibbled to death by...what are those small Earth creatures..wings, feathers, go 'quack', that's it: cats!
6. Had Ivanova move his seat "out the door, down the corridor and into the fusion reactor". Then again, he's already had a bit of a sun tan...
5. Spaced him...yeaaaah!
4. Forced him to calculate the air/speed velocity of an unladen swallow in his head.
3. Told his mummy what he had done.
2. Got a really big feather's too horrible to contemplate.
1. Chopped off 'something else' and put THAT on a pole.

1997 Matthew Savil.