Top 10 No.5

Top ten lines you will almost certainly never hear in Babylon 5!

10. Sheridan (to Delenn)- Get the HELL out of my bed!
9. Delenn (To Sheridan)- John, what's this twisted little piece of black metal you keep on your desk as an ornament?
8. Ivanova - What a wonderful day I'm having, I'm so happy to be alive..
7. Lochley - *Link chimes* This is Go.
6. Londo (Replying to Morden)- Hmm..three buxom Centauri women, a glass of fine bravura, a tub of Haagen Daas ice cream, and my good friend Meester Garibaldi! He hasn't had any for years you know..
5. G'Kar - I quit! Get someone else to be your bloody messiah!
4. Lyta (To the Shadows) - Burn you [CENSORED]...damn [CENSORED] Channel 4 censors! They [CENSORED] get in every [CENSORED] where!
3. Kosh - Oh yes, the secret of eternal life is easy, all you need is...
2. Any captain - Engage warp speed!
1. Anyone to Ivanova - Hey Susie! Cute butt!

1997 Matthew Savil.