War Without End Pt II?

At the end of War Without End Part II, there is a scene that was cut.  Few people know about it and I'm here to tell you what happened.
Scene: Bridge of Babylon 4.  Zathrus is at the navigation controls, whilst Sinclair (in human form) stares out the window, as funky light blue zappies shoot by outside.
Zathrus: "No, no, no. ,click click click,.  No one listens to Zathrus.  Zathrus says, no one listens.  ,click click,  Poor Zathrus.  Zathrus says turn right, we turn left.  ,click click click,  Now Zathrus lost in time."
Sinclair: (turns around, angry) "Were not lost.  Don't make me raise my voice, the years have caught up to me suddenly."
Zathrus: "Click click click,  Zathrus thinks we should stop for directions.  Yes.  There's a inter-time-dimensional diner, yes, only a few years from here."
Sinclair: "I don't need to stop for directions.  I know where I'm going."  
Zathrus: "Oh sure.  ,click click,  (imitating) I am The One.  The One knows where he is going.  Zathrus knows nothing.  I am Valen, the Minbari not born of Minbari.  (sighs)  Poor Zathrus."
(Small thump on the window) : 
Sinclair Damn bugs!  I hope they don't get on the headlights.  (WHUMP!  Something large lands on window and splatters)  What was that?!"
Zathrus: "Ahhhh, it is Sheridan.  He is still unstuck in time.  Now, he is stuck on windshield."
Sheridan: "Urk."
Sinclair: "I'm going to my cocoon now." 
(Fade to Black)

1997 Matthew Savil.