Kosh's Diary

Day 1, Prepared to leave the galaxy
Went back to my flat and started packing. Need to go the Co-op and get some boxes. Got boxes, came back and there was a message from Prime Minister Vorlon (Kosh MP). He says that there is a limit to what we can take with us. One suitcase and two co-op boxes.

Sorted out my stuff. Had to leave my star trek DS9 collection behind as well as my excercise bike, shame, I am worried about my figure.

Day 2, Left the Galaxy
Nothing much out here so far, in fact it is pretty dark saw a first one accelerating past us, I'm looking forward to my next paycheck, maybe then I can afford a jumpointless conversion on my Squidomatic, Lorien has got a neat Sphereosonic, so much for comming with us, he is now about 10 light years ahead...

Day 3,
Looked out of the window, pretty dark

Day 4,
Still dark

Day 5
Thought I saw a glimmer of light, but it was my reflection in the windscreen.

Day 6

Day 213
Still dark

Me and the Kosh's are beginning to regret "going beyond the rim", there doesn't seem a lot out here.

Day 314132
Grouped with the shadows and had a discussion about our intentions. All this "Seek out new life and new civilisations" stuff is begining to look like a ruse just to get us out of the way. Had a vote. Unanimous (SP) decision to return to the galaxy and kick Sheridan and Dellens respective decendants butts.

Day 314133
Ran out of gas, so have the shadows, Lorien has just headed back towards the galaxy chuckling to himself. Me and the Shadows smell a (genetically altered) rat.

Day 314134
Dark, getting colder.

Day 3213124123124122232134 (Lunch Time)
Got bored with the diary and was just about to put it on the fire to keep warm when we saw a glimmer of light, a huge ship pulled up along side, it was over 8 billion miles long the name of the ship said Babylon - Revenge III and out of it poured strange human shape ships, over 5 miles in diameter. Decided to get into the escape pod.

Day 3213124123124122232135 (Breakfast)
Me and my Shadow friend escaped from the remains of our fleet whilst the strange eirie human like ships ripped apart our fleet with strange slicer beams. They made in-vorlon sounds as they fired. "up yours up yours" with each burst. What did we do to deserve that? Shadow reckons it's my fault for leaving behind my DS9 tape collections, he says they probably worked out the basis of our superior technology from my exercise bike as well.

1997 Steevie