"Space :Above and Beyond"

Flying in CGI formation one night just prior to the last two episodes.

West "did I tell you that I lost my girl"
Vansen "shut it West"
"Foos" "You told me West"
Kim "Anyone got my lucky shirt?"
Hawkes "I put it in the washer"

cracle of radio from saratoga and the plinky plonk of Commodore Ross playing his guitar

McQueen "Wildcards, this is Queen 6, check out new contact bearing 21321.31231 and a bit, go in fast and check it out, watch your six, and seven, and probably your eight as well"

(plinky plonky)

Vansen "Roger that Saratoga"

(plink plink)

Vansen "Wildcards out, OK people lets do it...."

Enter Kosh (Mk 1) ship en route to B5

Vansen "Unknown vessel, Identify yourself"
Kosh "Kosh"
Vansen "Who else is on the ship, we register 3 lifeforms"
Kosh "Kosh"
Vansen "Yes, thats you but who are the rest"
Kosh "We are all Kosh"

West "Aww thats it, it's a weirdo, lets burn it up"

Vansen "West, shut up, I think it's harmless enough, doesn't look like a chig, maybe we should warn it that if it stays here it might get damaged by operation roundhammer. we maybe better transmit all out battle plans to it as well, just to make sure it gets the message"
Kim "Hey 'Kosh', want to help us in the war, even some advice would be helpful"
Kosh "If you rescue the hostages, you will die"


Kim "OK, so apart from me buying the farm how will it all end?"
Kosh "In fire"

West "Did you know I lost my girl"
Kosh (bored clicks and squeaks) "Yeeeeeesss.."

(squid ship vanishes into the night and stops long for a while at the Chig U Like resteraunt where Kosh has too much to drink and spills the beans)

1997 Steevie