Vir's language guides: Boffing

Vir Makes things Simple : Boffing (a language guide)

"Boff" is a strange word, it is common to all languages, I list but a few here.

Narn Encycolopedia of Knowledge and Spelling
Boff (adj)

To sing, to sing with i.e. G'marcus boffed very well with G'ivanova last night, we could hear it in the next room.

Mimbari Book of Monosylabic Mysteries
Boff (noun)

To describe someone as good looking and sexy i.e. Delmarcus to Thivanova "You are looking extremely boff tonight"

Boffing (adj)

To describe how good someone is walking down a street for example. i.e. Delmarcus to Thinvanova "You looked particurarly boffing comming down the street tonight"

Collin and Georges Dictonary of doubtlful Spellings (Human)
Boff (adj), Boffing (adj) : to be boffed, to have had boff (noun)

Old english phrase referring to the manipulation of anothers seceret and personal organs to their mutual satisfaction and so causing pleasure to those involved and giving them respectful feelings of joy and satsifaction and long lasting love and respect that will stay with them until old age and sometimes beyond.

1997 Steevie