Vir on Beards

It has been noticed in the group a small discussion on beards. I find this article by Vir printed in "Loonyverse Today" quite enlightning.

Beards, the use of In popular TV culture.

Beard wearers fall into two categories.

1) Those who have beards all the time
2) Those who aquire them for dramatic effect.

Taking as an example of point two.

In that old Centuari TV Classic "Battlestar Molari", the Commander (Dontgivadama) was beardless, until he had to look old for that much worse sequel "Molari 2234" where they gave him a beard, convincing or what.

Similarly, the classic TV show "Start Recking: The Next Gate", many times Captain Cartagia was made to look older and madder by attaching a beard.

In the same show, Commander Biker was given a beard in season two to try to give him some "gravitas".

There were plans to give an alien one to that anoying Centuari Kid "Weeesley" in the hopes that he would stimulate it into an intelligent lifeform which would then eat him, but alas, this did not come to fruition.

For category one, I would draw to the attention "Father Christmas", almost any baddie pirate and those who write Arc Stories...

1997 Steevie