Alien Healing Devices

This document found in a Tyme Warp by the Archivist Ste
Landroverlongwheelbasewithturbo of Asprin
Believed to be part of the book "The Dont's and Doos of Alien Devices"
Revision 3.00 By Emporer Vir Cotto

Make sure it has lots of flashing lights
Make sure you buy an "Alien Power Supply" with it, damn hard to get converters sometime
Try and get a manua
Password the damn thing in case someone tries to do something heroic with it
Lie to the cheif medical officer, agree you are a quack and he won't bother you again.
Try and restore Mr Garabaldi's hair before it is too late.
Try and restore Sinclair's personality before it is too late
Enhance the machine with lots of flashing lights and buttons that will look cool in a dramatic scene in 3 seasons time.
Tell anyone you have got one
let homicidal maniacs know you have got one
try to match make your daugther to the Chief Medical Officer
Try to look like "Mom" from lost in space, the judge just wont take you seriously
use rechargeable batteries with the unit
expose to moisture
during a hostage situation try and look quite so delighted when you are
draining the victims life force and then make out you really didn't mean to
do it but since you are feeling a lot better, will you let me off with murder please.

1997 Steevie