AB Review #109

Episode: 1/09 - Deathwalker
Production #: 113
Director: Janet Greek
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Sarah Douglas (Deathwalker/Jha'Dur)
Robin Curtis (Ambassador Kalika)
Cosie Costa (Abbut)
Aki Aleong (Senator Hidosh)

A scientist wanted for war crimes arrives on Babylon 5 and claims to have discovered the secret for imortality.

"Deathwalker" has a few elements from TNG and DS9 but throws them together in a far different way. While TNG would attempt to tell us that immortality is wrong, B5 concentrates more on the trial of this war criminal.

The Kosh\Talia plot was certainly interesting. The entire idea of a human recording machine is hard to comprehend but is handled nicely.

I can't remember WHAT the soundtrack was like - I'll write it down tomorrow...

The ending once again is fantastic and the Vorlon ships DO look magnificent. I have always liked 'what if' endings - even though they have an annoying knack for sending me mad (I hate when plot lines aren't resolved in 10 or 12 episodes). I shall have to see if it is...

Kosh now has a secret - he contains the key to influencing Talia Winters. The question is, why does he want her thoughts? Wouldn't it have been better to have brought down a big-shot like Bester and asked him to talk to him in negotiations (actually no, but I'll let you figure out why).

The performances are reasonable and Delen's aide is really very well portrayed here - he looks to become a good, solid character over time. The decision Sinclair had to make was thought provoking and really very well done - I liked how they tied up both plot lines.

Rating: 8/10 - A good solid episode - you can't say that it isn't well written or badly acted but there are a few niggling facts. If you haven't seen this then you should - and if you have, go down to W H Smith, Woolworths or some other video stockest (although Smiths have a Sale on currently) and BUY it! It would come on the same video as Believers which is supposed to be very good.

Cult TV'S Rating: **** out of *****

Andy's Star Trek comparison
Although none are similiar completely little bits appear to have been 'snipped' out of TNG and placed in here. The quality is around about equal to that of "Our Man Bashir", eg. very well done... There is no humour here. There is a medium sized bit of tension so I would say that it's around the same as Scorpions (VOY - Parts one and two) In my opinion I enjoyed this as much as "A Matter of Honour" (TNG)

Points for Discussion (no spoilers for future episodes):
1. What secrets did Kosh attempt to retrieve?
2. Why did he want to retrieve it?
3. What happened to that human recording machine?
4. Why did the Vorlons destroy Deathwalker (eg. is 'you're not ready for immortality the truth or are the plotting something?)
5. Did the Vorlons have any ties with Deathwalker?

Andrew Brack 1998