AB Review #p

Episode: p - The Gathering (pilot episode)
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Cast: Lots... Too many to mention to tell you the truth.

Sinclair is accused of attempted assination of Ambassador Kosh while aman reeks havok on the station.

You must firstly remember that the plot was meant to work out verydifferently when JMS wrote this - so if you are looking back on thisepisode don't be put off by 'inaccuracies'.

What you have here is a well-thought-out plot which is a poorrepresentation of what the series WILL accomplish. The Narn areportrayed as slightly more militaristic while the Centauri appear tospend all their time at the gambling table. Two traits which will bereduced in intensity as the series goes on.

The soundtrack detracts from the pilot badly - I haven't seen there-edited version but it's supposed to be far superior.

The ending is reasonable but unsatisfying and certain characters willbe changed as they are bland and two-dimensional.

The "24 hours missing" thread will be important. Make a mental note of this - it will help you to understand a few shows which will goun-named for now!

The performances are far from superb. Garibaldi seems to be a typicalsecurity 'guy' and the Doctor looks like the most he will ever do isbe able to make a cup of tea - and not very well by the look of it.

Lyta isn't perfect and unsatisfactory as is G'Kar and Londo. The onlytwo truely satisfying characters are the Ivanova-prototype, Takashima,and Kosh. Sinclair stands imbetween two halls... he will eventuallybecome one of the better characters.

Rating: 6/10 - Due to a $3.3 million budget it is low thrills nospills. Still has a long way to go.

Cult TV'S Rating: **** out of *****

Andy's Star Trek comparison
Nothing in Trek can truely be classed as this blocky. I would guessthat 'The Cage' is like this in style but far superior.

Points for Discussion (no spoilers for future episodes):
1. What happened to Lt. Jeffrey Sinclair?
2. Why is he in command of B5 with a fairly low rank?
3. What does the phrase "En'Til'Zha Valen" (re-edit) mean?
4. Whatever happened to Lieutenant Commander Takashima?

You Saw It Here First:
1. Sinclair has a 'hole in (his) mind'.
2. Kosh is the first Vorlon ever to be seen.
3. Lyta connects with Kosh for the first time in this episode.
4. Jeff handpicked Garibaldi.
5. Garibaldi sailed through assignments due to a heavy-drinking problem.
6. PPG-Rifles are used here.
7. Earth has encountered silicon-based lifeforms.
8. Kosh recognises Sinclair (re-edit)

Andrew Brack 1998