According to the counter at Spread Firefox, the browser has now been downloaded over 100 million times! Although that total probably includes multiple downloads by the same people, it won’t take into account the fact that many installations may have been carried out from a single download. So, maybe Firefox is on track for a 10% share by the end of this year?

Been trying to find paint colours I like for my new place today, – why is it that the paints on sale in the shop actually bear no relation to the ones in their sample book things? Comments Off on Painting

Hmm. I’ve also just noticed that since switching over to WordPress, this site no longer appears anywhere near the top of search results on Google for ‘Stephen Courtney’. That’s possibly because I’ve not got my name anywhere in it! Time to add some content methinks. Comments Off on Dropping in the ratings

We’ve just got our G5 iMac at work, and I’ve just received my Beta edition of the new A9 Home RISC OS computer. The iMac is a very classy bit of kit, but I still prefer RISC OS to use, – it’s just more intuitive.
It’s a pity that RISC OS Ltd (who develop the OS for all machine except the Iyonix) and Castle (who actually own the OS, but use their own custom version of it on the Iyonix) can’t seem to get along.