Shock horror – some form of update!

Actually, I’m mainly doing this as a dry run for upgrading WordPress to 2.3.2 for other places – if it was going to break any site, I’d rather it be my own. I’m (marginally) less likely to shout at me.
Another reason for this post is that without it, I’d not have made any changes here since 2006!

I fear most of my on-line presence is now at Facebook; I know it’s got a load of privacy issues, but I’m fairly sure I’ve switched off most of the major intrusive bits on my account (aside from the whole not-being-able-to-really-delete-your-account one anyway).

We’re up to 11 staff at DataSwift as of Wednesday – at this rate we’ll need another new office!

Whilst on randomly different topics, I’ve just watched the Bourne Ultimatum, and whilst watching the end credits noticed that there was one for “Pigeon Wrangler”. Also, there were specific credits for Bassoonist and Percussion, but not for the other members of whatever orchestra was used. Most bizarre.