Why is it that technology usually works fine when you’re ahead of schedule and could actually afford to wait for something to be fixed, but if you’re up against a deadline, anything that can fail, will? Due to my being ill last week, our latest school network project was in danger of over-running. We’ve brought it back under control, but halfway through the day, the Internet connection for all the schools on the Island went down. This mean that most of the tweaks and adjustments we had left (such as printer drivers, SMARTBoard software updates, a few software activations etc.) can’t be completed until at least tomorrow – which is when the students are back.

Still, the fact that it has affected all schools, and possibly the council as well should mean that BT fix it fairly promptly. Hmm… perhaps I’m not quite as recovered as I thought…

In an effort to post more -I’m not going to call it a New Year’s resolution, since that would be the quickest way to make it fail- I’ve added WordBook to both steve-c.co.uk and my Facebook page. It’s a surprisingly painless experience, and although it’s rather lacking in configuration options does appear to do the job.

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