Xara (now owned by German developer Magix) have just released a preview of the new version of their flagship Xtreme Pro. Version 4 (available in both Pro and non-Pro variants) has a bunch of new stuff, but the best things I’ve found so far are:

  • Automatically flows text around shapes
  • Integrated 3D extrusion tool (essentially offers most of what Xara 3D does)
  • Much improved photo editing tools
  • A very handy webpage export tool – ideal for quickly creating static pages, or for proto-typing designs
  • A new, “Very High Quality” display setting, handy for getting even cleaner bitmap exports
  • Multi-core processor support, – not that my current machine can take advantage of this, but it should speed things up on all those newer boxes out there

The upgrade from the previous version of Xtreme Pro (3.2) is currently a very reasonable $49, which, after delivery and other bits, comes to around $69 in total. In my opinion it’s the best update to Xara in since Pro was released.

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