Xara Xtreme

Although it’s been out for a couple of months now, there’s only a few reviews cropping up for the latest version of Xara Xtreme. For anyone considering buying/upgrading, the members over at the TalkGraphics forums have been keeping track of reviews as and when they find them.

Currently, the following reviews are known:

On the whole, the reviews are pretty positive – the main areas of criticism are in relation to the limited capabilities of the new 3D tools and the photo manipulation, and also some issues with importing from other design applications (but that’s always a bit of an arms race anyway).

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to the new DataSwift site – it’s pretty much done now, so it’s gone live. There’s still a bunch of new content we’re working on, not least client access to our helpdesk system. We’re hopefully putting an ad in the Island Business magazine, and I wanted to get the new design online before then (that’s assuming I get the advert sorted next week).

Path up to the LongstoneFinally, – we’ve had some proper Spring weather, so it was a chance to go to Mottistone and look at the Bluebells. (And also to see if my N95’s GPS linked camera would play nicely – which it did!).

Also discovered that Gorse bushes appear to smell of Coconut!

PorgyI’ve updated The Wight One to be Widget capable, – surprisingly easy thing to do. The main reason for doing it was so that I could make use of the ReadySetFlickr plugin in order to display images from my Flickr account. Once I’m happy that the theme’s working (and when I’ve finally added the CSS for comments) I’ll package it up nicely and make it available for download.

After having tweaked the layout and CSS a little more, Porgy (on the right) no longer breaks things.