On one of the recent YouGov polls I was asked a few questions about a new project named ‘CoProducer‘. It’s an attempt to create a complete feature film utilising the collaborative efforts of, well, pretty much anyone that’s interested really.

The project’s currently got a large selection of film ideas (submitted by the online panel) and each can be rated and discussed at length in their forums.

It’ll be interesting to see how far this gets – even if there’s no film at the end of the day it will have been a worthwhile experiment. Judging by the people running CoProducer though (several of whom are also linked with YouGov) there’s a fair chance it could go all the way.

Anyone interested is welcome to register for an account on their site.

If you don’t know about YouGov, they’re a large online polling organisation who pay members to take part in surveys. The surveys aren’t that frequent – usually only two or three per month – but they don’t generally take long to complete and it’s satisfying to see the research being used by the media.

Well, the new Christ the King College has been open for the past two days, and I’ve just about survived!

Monday was the last chance to get things done with no staff around (save for a few admin personnel who were very understanding when things temporarily fell over). Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in a whirlwind of last minute tweaks and fixes, along with my having to give a 45 minute presentation to the entire staff on the new network. When it reached 10pm on Tuesday I gave up on the idea of planning the talk, and somehow I managed to fit the whole thing into exactly the time-slot provided (even allowing a few minutes for questions!).

It’s been almost like old times, as I’ve spent pretty much the whole of the week at the College – leaving Luke to run around like a lunatic visiting all the other schools with the usual ‘new term problems’. With a bit of luck things will return to normality (whatever that may be) next week.

The official opening of the College is later in September and is likely to involve some interesting ceremonies (or so I’ve heard).

I pity the folk at the Bestival this weekend as the roads themselves were wet enough this evening, – I dread to think what state the fields at Robin Hill are in!