WordPress has just announced the official release of version 2.7  (codenamed Coltrane) of their blogging / content-management system. I’ve just upgraded both this site and the DataSwift one to the latest and greatest, with -so far- no issues at all!

The administration interface (known as the Dashboard) has been completely redesigned and is now a lot more customisable. It should also reduce the number of steps involved in carrying out everyday tasks.

Technology Review has an article about an Adobe project named Zoetrope which promises to give users access to web content through time. It’s a little hard to explain, but essentially it allow you to scroll back and forth through a time-line and look at pages or parts thereof over time.


It has the makings of a very powerful tool, with the only downsides being its requiring a huge amount of historical data (such as that stored by the Internet Archive), and very fast access to same (which the Internet Archive doesn’t really provide)

Ok, so I was a little over-optimistic, but apparently Wordpress 2.7 is due within the next few days – they’re down to just 30 open bugs at the time of writing. Comments Off on Almost there…

Looks like Wordpress 2.7 be available before the end of the week – it’s apparently being launched on Wordpress.com tomorrow, so that presumably means the folks at Automattic have had good feedback on the recent RC1 release. One of our school clients is changing to self-hosting their website, and Wordpress 2.7 should be a good platform for them, so long as there aren’t any show-stopper bugs waiting to leap out upon general release… Comments Off on WordPress 2.7 due before the end of the week?