As reported first on The IconBar and then in more depth on Drobe, RISC OS Open Ltd have announced that, along with Castle, they will be releasing various parts of the operating system under a “Shared Source” licence. Apparently this will allow people to contribute changes to the source code and distribute their resulting programs for free; if the code is used commercially though, the writers much pay a small royalty for the privilege (although in this case, they are no longer obliged to contribute back the code they have added).

I think this is potentially a very good thing for RISC OS, I just hope it hasn’t arrived too late in the day.

We’ve just got our G5 iMac at work, and I’ve just received my Beta edition of the new A9 Home RISC OS computer. The iMac is a very classy bit of kit, but I still prefer RISC OS to use, – it’s just more intuitive.
It’s a pity that RISC OS Ltd (who develop the OS for all machine except the Iyonix) and Castle (who actually own the OS, but use their own custom version of it on the Iyonix) can’t seem to get along.

The up-coming A9 RISC OS computer is now available on a limited beta scheme (previously it’s only been on sale to developers) ahead of the official launch. It’s a cool machine (both in terms of looks and running temperature) and is easily portable too.

Drobe reports that Virtual Acorn have dropped the price of Virtual RiscPC Adjust to 119UKP – I’ve been thinking of buying this for a while, and quite possibly will do now. Comments Off on Virtual RiscPC Adjust now more affordable