On one of the recent YouGov polls I was asked a few questions about a new project named ‘CoProducer‘. It’s an attempt to create a complete feature film utilising the collaborative efforts of, well, pretty much anyone that’s interested really.

The project’s currently got a large selection of film ideas (submitted by the online panel) and each can be rated and discussed at length in their forums.

It’ll be interesting to see how far this gets – even if there’s no film at the end of the day it will have been a worthwhile experiment. Judging by the people running CoProducer though (several of whom are also linked with YouGov) there’s a fair chance it could go all the way.

Anyone interested is welcome to register for an account on their site.

If you don’t know about YouGov, they’re a large online polling organisation who pay members to take part in surveys. The surveys aren’t that frequent – usually only two or three per month – but they don’t generally take long to complete and it’s satisfying to see the research being used by the media.