Roundcube Webmail Logo

The developers of my favourite webmail client – Roundcube, have just announced the official release for version 0.3, which brings with it a bunch of new features and a whole heap of tweaks.

Probably the most interesting addition is plug-in support. Previously, any extra features required patching the main source of the application, which generally resulted in messy and hard-to-maintain code, which was very tricky to upgrade. Now though, there is a complete plug-in API. Hopefully this will mean a veritable deluge of useful add-ons in the not-too-distant future.

Roundcube's main mail view

The main mail view in Roundcube 0.3

For now though, I’ll happily make do with the default installation, as it already provides a handy selection of features. It may not be as versatile as SquirrelMail, but it is certainly better looking…!

I’ve been following the Roundcube Webmail Project for a while now, and yesterday evening it reached 0.1-stable – the first officially stable release. It’s an AJAX-based webmail system, running on PHP, with preferably MySQL for a backend database (although others are available). It’s pretty cool, looking much nicer than Squirrelmail (although it’s not as feature-rich – yet), and it runs quite speedily too. I’m wondering if it might be a good option for an internal-only email system for a school.