After trying half-heartedly to get the for the past few years, I finally contacted Nominet a couple of months back. They responded pretty quickly, with good and bad news.

The bad news was that they weren’t going to create a dispute case for DataSwift. The good news was that the current registration data for the domain was invalid, as the company was registered to had been dissolved a few years back. As a result they initiated the domain cancellation process, and after a couple of months I was able to register the domain for us – no longer shall we have to spell out over the phone!

Looks like Wordpress 2.7 be available before the end of the week – it’s apparently being launched on tomorrow, so that presumably means the folks at Automattic have had good feedback on the recent RC1 release. One of our school clients is changing to self-hosting their website, and Wordpress 2.7 should be a good platform for them, so long as there aren’t any show-stopper bugs waiting to leap out upon general release… Comments Off on WordPress 2.7 due before the end of the week?

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to the new DataSwift site – it’s pretty much done now, so it’s gone live. There’s still a bunch of new content we’re working on, not least client access to our helpdesk system. We’re hopefully putting an ad in the Island Business magazine, and I wanted to get the new design online before then (that’s assuming I get the advert sorted next week).